Videographer; Documentarian; Dancefloor Enthusiast.

Mel ± I’ve been making videos since 09, when I documented a whole year in the life of my crazy wild group of friends ± I’m a textbook cancerian – an empathetic listener with a hard outer shell, but on the inside I’m really soft and mushy ± Vans in winter, Birks in summer ± My first tattoo was the opening sentence of Lorem Ipsum on my ribcage ± I do a LOT of driving, and ALWAYS listen to RTR ± You wanna know what really grinds my gears? People that comment on news websites’ Facebook pages ± If ever I’m having a shitty day, digging through op shops and antique stores always makes me feel better ± My favourite album of all time is Nas Illmatic, but my most played album is Dre 2001 ± I’m an indecisive orderer, rate every pub by the quality of its parma, and I’ll never ever apologise for loving Swanny D’s and VB’s more than craft beers.

Things that really get me going at weddings:

  • Muso brides/grooms/guests doing impromptu performances.
  • Group sing-alongs to 90s classics.
  • Breakdance battles.

Things that don’t:

  • The Macarena, the Grease Megamix, and the Nutbush.