When I was planning my own wedding, I struggled to find a videographer that complemented what we were about. As I looked at videographers all around Australia, they all seemed to have a few things in common… Epic sweeping sliding shots of the dress, shoes, ring, and slooooow motion shots of the couple posed in a loving embrace in the middle of a field… and they were mostly generic cut’n’paste montages set to a cheesy love ballad.

That just ain’t my steez. I’m loud, crass, I drink and swear a lot and listen to gangsta rap. Instead we wanted more of a documentary of our day… something that captured the essence of how we felt, not just how we looked.

So then not long after, I took what I’d learned about storytelling from my time working in advertising, and Till Death was born.

No gimmicks. Only truth.

This style and approach for a wedding video certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re vibing this then you’ll just want to remember the real stuff too. 

I try not to focus on the “things” such as the dress, the shoes, the decorations… they’re trends. And I hate to break it to you, but in 20 years time they’re actually the things you’re probably gonna look back on and wish you could change. Instead I focus on the people. Because in 20 years time what you’ll want is to hear the sound of your grandad’s voice again, to remember the sexy comment your husband whispered in your ear when no one else was listening, and to laugh again at the banter and ridic jokes your mates were cracking all day.

Trends change. Just like fashions and wedding themes, technology, equipment, set up shots and colour filters are trends that I won’t buy in to. I don’t use drones or sliders. I’m just a chick with a camera, which helps me get all up in your face without actually being too in your face to capture your authentic emotions and reactions. I believe that the one thing that transcends all the fancy gear, editing styles and even storytelling techniques is the TRUTH. So I’m here on a mission to seek the true versions of you and your day, and craft these into moving keepsakes for you to cling on to for life.